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Exercise equipment I am trying: Peloton
This weekend I had my first Peloton experience at my brothers house.  What a fun way to exercise!  If you have never heard of this revolutionary type of stationary bicycle it combines remote coaching as if you are in a spin studio with custom music on a large touch screen.  Tons of options, lots of high energy classes and a choice to use their beautiful videos of the countryside to ride your bicycle virtually through.  These are all a part of the Peloton experience.  Classes also include different lengths of time, different coaches as well as weight lifting, yoga, and many more! If you are looking for an at home way to get a great workout in and you like to compete/connect with people from around the world, give this a shot!

Snack I am binge eating: Chili Roasted Pistachios
Do you like spicy snacks?  If so, you have to try this one out!  This product sells at Costco in bulk or at general grocery stores as well.  These are great for road trips, beach outings or bag lunches.  Enjoy!

Quote I am repeating: “Sometimes the weight you need to lose isn’t on your body!” ~ Unknown
Living through a pandemic I have found that it has been a healthy habit to regularly check in with myself and purposely “wash away” the muck that has been accumulating.  This is often from the small annoyances associated with making responsible choices in the current environment.  If you have felt similarly of late, take the time to meditate, exercise, chat with a friend or do one of your favorite hobbies.  These are all great ways to get back to a healthy mindset and turn your energy towards the positive things that are coming into your life!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC


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