Spring Time = New Growth

After all of the rain of this past two months followed by the gorgeous sunshine we have had in San Diego I have really appreciated the green landscape, flowers and new growth.  I also have recently had the opportunity to attend Tony Robbins seminar called Unleash The Power Within in Los Angeles.  The idea to attend this event was based upon constantly growing mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and in my relationships.  On more occasions than I can count during this experience I thought of each of you in my practice and was overcome by a sense of gratitude for your own desire to create growth in your health and life.  It is an extremely inspiring thing to watch a person or an entire family show up to our facility and put their most important resources, their time, energy, focus and money, towards improving their health.

Besides the fact that Tony Robbins talked a lot about posture and nervous system function, which I loved, he also discussed what he calls his Ultimate Success Formula.  Tony is great at taking something that is complicated, such as reaching a BIG goal, and breaking it down into steps.  This formula is perfect for anyone who is looking to grow in any area of their life during the spring months.  The formula goes like this; First you must know what you are looking to achieve.  Another way of saying this is know your outcome.  Next, you need a compelling reason for achieving this result.  Tony commented that the most common reason why people do not succeed in reaching a goal is because their reason is too small.  The third step is to take MASSIVE action.  This is key because we can create goals and know our “why” but if we don’t do anything about it, the goal is really just a dream.  The fourth step in the formula is to monitor the results you are getting from the effort.  This is designed to help you do small course corrections so that you hit your goal in the least amount of time.  Lastly, once you have hit your goal you need to celebrate the WIN!  We are all guilty of working our butts off and hitting a goal only to then create a new goal at a higher level.  This is the kiss of death to long term fulfillment.  As Tony says, “The ultimate failure is success without fulfillment.”

As each of you go through your experience at Shea Family Chiropractic I would love to find out what your goals are for your health and how we can work together to achieve them.  Tony made a HUGE deal about having a coach to help you speed up your learning and implementation.  I would be honored to coach you through your chiropractic and overall health goals.  I look forward to hearing from you all and witnessing your continued growth over the next three months!

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