The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation can mean so many different things.  For this month, my focus is on appreciating all the small things that people do for me to make my life easier.  For instance, my love language is quality time, and for me, I enjoy doing things with the people I love.  From going to a great new restaurant, to sitting on the beach, or just hanging out and talking, I enjoy the simple things with my favorite people,  Our love language all comes down to showing signs of appreciation and respect to ourselves and others. We all need to be told and shown that we are being valued. In a life of uncertainty and second guessing ourselves, it takes just a simple phrase from our boss like, “I appreciate all the hard work you are doing” or having teacher appreciation day at our kids school to remind us of our value. To reinforce that we are valued, I think we have to remind ourselves that people do appreciate the simple things we do in our everyday routine like going to work to pay for bills, cleaning the house, going to school without grumbling. These can all be mundane. Routine. Basic. Unrecognized, but in reality, it’s not. It’s a huge deal! Perspective goes a long way. For example, just relaxing on a weekend with someone that I love to be around really calms my nerves before the start of a long week, and it makes me appreciate the time and effort that person is taking for me.

Appreciation doesn’t get enough notariaty. In my opinion, it comes from routine and when that routine becomes disrupted, it can make you realize how much you really do appreciate someone. It goes unnoticed until that pattern is broken and all of a sudden we think wow, you do so much. This happens a lot, but it shouldn’t be like that. We should always try to remember to thank someone or show them we appreciate them without having to wreak havoc. We should make showing signs of appreciation our routine.  SO for this month, I encourage you to tell someone today you appreciate them!  For all the daily mundane things they do.  For the human they are. For the love you share for them. To our patients at ALCW, our staff says thank you and we appreciate all of you!  We support your journey in health and wellness, and we see you putting in the time to change your life.


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