Trending Tuesday 1/21/20

Book I am listening to: “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll
If you are looking for inspiration to do more exercise or to become more in life, look no further.  Roll’s book is a fantastic story of his own life through being a nerd, going to Stanford, becoming an alcoholic, launching a business as an attorney and finally finding insane endurance length exercise events.  Roll’s unique insight into creating what is possible rather than managing his current situation is profound.  The audio is about 9 hours and extremely entertaining.  Check this one out!

Movements I am recommending: Plantar Fasciitis Remedies
Do you feel like an ice pick is stabbing into the bottom of your foot when you take your first step in the morning? If so, you may have a condition known as plantar fasciitis. For a review of how this condition begins, a list of common symptoms and three fantastic movements to get rid of this condition, check out the video below!

Quote I am loving: “You have become the kind of person who deserves the life you want!” ~ Rich Roll in Finding Ultra
There are no short cuts to real happiness.  Only through time, mistakes, failure and perseverance is the life you desire and are capable of living going to manifest.  If you win the lottery but have not learned how to control money, you will soon be broke.  If you meet the person of your dreams and have not learned to love yourself first, they will ultimately leave.  If you are promoted into your ideal position at work but have not mastered your current roll, you will be demoted eventually.  The only way to REALLY get and STAY at the next level is to strive, fail, learn how to do things correctly and try again.


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