Trending Tuesday 2/11/20

Video I am watching: Tony Robbins: Change your life in 2020
There is an amazing concept in this audio on YouTube that is so simple but also so profound.  Tony asks you to think of an area of your life you would like to improve in.  He then asks you to list exactly where you are at in that area.  Next, he instructs you to list all of the behaviors and habits that allow you to be at your current level.  Once that is completed, you then identify where you actually like to be at for that area of your life in detail.  Finally, he has you determine what actions or behaviors you would need to take in order to be at this next level.  So obvious, but I love how it focuses you on creating habits and taking action.  Give this a shot for any area of you life and watch it take off!

Video I am recommending: Pre-Workout Warm Up Video
The most current research supports an active pre-workout warm up.  This habit helps to increase your performance, while at the same time reducing your delayed onset muscle soreness and injury susceptibility.  This warm up takes about 4-5 minutes and will hit all major muscle groups.  Try this out and let me know what you think! Video is below!

Quote I am loving: “Focus is what makes the difference between busyness and productivity.”  ~ Dr. Stephen Franson D.C.
I am currently in a big push to eliminate busyness and put all my effort into being productive.  It is hard to select which actions will be productive and not just suck your time.  However, making a wise decision in this category can save you a massive amount of time and money.


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