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Trail I am hiking: Eagle Rock
Last week I took my boys to do a 6.8 mile hike, with 1000 feet of elevation, that concludes at a very unique location.  In the middle of a wide open grassy plane we found an enormous rock formation that appears to be the head and wings of an eagle.  Approximately one hours drive from the office is a town called Warner Springs.  Begin at the Cal Fire Fire Station, going through a small gate, and you will be on your way to a great adventure!  50% of the trail is totally exposed to the sun.  The other 50% has nice shade coverage made up by large oak trees.  Eagle Rock is also home to about 50 large lizards of all varieties.  It reminded me of the Jurassic period on a much smaller scale.  Make sure to bring sunscreen and more water than what you think you may need, as it was over 90 degrees on the day we decided to do our hike.

Summer adventure I am taking: The Holidays Vintage Trailers in San Clemente
This weekend I drove the family about 50 minutes north along the coast to San Clemente.  A few months ago we had reserved a spot at “The Holidays Camp Community”, a collection of vintage trailers that share a fire pit, beach toys and picnic benches.  The camp site sits on the bluff about 400 feet atop the ocean with a steep walkway giving you direct access to the sand.  The beach at the base of the walking trail was fantastic.  A sand bottom, warm water and consistent medium sized waves rolled in all weekend.  The trailers sleep four comfortably and include a kitchen, dinette and running water.  Air conditioning can be purchased by renting a generator but was not needed during our stay.  Time really slowed down and made for an opportunity for board games, cooking meals together, watching incredible sunsets and of course, making smores!  If you are looking for a family friendly and local destination for a getaway I would strongly encourage you to check this one out!

Quote I am repeating: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.” ~ Paolo Coelho
With only two weeks left before summer break is over, consider taking a chance and do something that is outside your comfort zone.  Something mentally stimulating, physically challenging or something that just sounds fun, but that you have never done before.  There is something magical about making a decision and taking action!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
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Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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