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Concept I am reviewing: Equality Versus Equity
One of my most recent passions is healthcare equity.  I have long been frustrated that chiropractic care is often reserved only for individuals who have achieved a certain level of financial success.  In looking to understand what can and should be done to remedy this problem I came across a concern.  I was unable to tell the difference between “equality” and “equity”.  If you are just as ignorant as I was then please read further.  The word “equality” means that all people would receive exactly the same level of healthcare in order to help them live successful and fulfilling lives.  This is problematic because not everyone is starting from the same point financially and has the same expectations.  In contrast “equity” involves trying to understand and give people what each individual needs in order to enjoy a successful and fulfilling life.  To summarize how I interpret this concept I would describe it with the following idea. To create an equitable solution in holistic healthcare a certain minimum standard of chiropractic service should be available to all people regardless of financial consideration.  This allows people who normally can’t afford care, but who would still largely benefit, to receive some chiropractic. It would not be the highest quality but it would be a lot better than none at all.  In contrast, people who would like to pay for higher quality chiropractic services or pay for health insurance that would help them achieve such care, may do so if they wish.  I encourage you to think about your own industry and apply this concept of equality versus equity to your own situation to really understand the thought process!

Book I am hearing: You Are An Ironman by Jacques Steinberg
Last week I announced publicly that I have been provisionally accepted into the Santa Cruz Half Ironman race on Sept 12th, 2021.  A huge part of that journey is to learn the nuances of each of the three disciplines (swim, bike and run).  For example what to pack on race day, at what intervals to consume food and water, as well as how to avoid chafing in my nether regions (Yikes!).  One of the best ways I have found is to watch videos on the subject, listen to podcasts and listen to the aforementioned book on Audible.  Steinberg tells the tale of six individuals and chronicles their preparation and execution of Ironman Arizona in 2010.  Due to the detail in which the book is written you are able to gain great insight into what it really takes to complete an event of such great magnitude.  If you have ever been curious about doing something in the triathlon world I recommend this as a great place to start!  I would also ask that you consider sponsoring me for this event so that I may participate as a member of the Ironman Foundation.  So far I have raised $500 on my way to $1750.  To make any size donation please go to

Quote I am pondering: “Equality has to do with giving everyone the exact same resources, whereas equity involves distributing resources based upon the needs of the recipients.”             ~ Unknown
To drive home the previously discussed concept, this is a really simple to understand quote.  I also absolutely love the pictures used to help people get this idea. Click Here for the pictures.   If you have any great thoughts or ideas around this discussion I would love to learn from you!

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