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Podcast I am hearing: Rich Roll Podcast with guest Matthew Walker
Do you have trouble getting to sleep?  Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Do you wake up and feel like you need another hour of rest?  If so, do yourself and anyone who lives with you a favor and listen to this 3 hour long master class on sleep.  All I can say is that it created a profound difference in the way I look at this entire topic.  Enjoy!

Book I am reading: You2 by Price Pritchett
I am constantly searching for things that can quickly and easily change my thoughts from the typical daily to-do list, into something more meaningful.  This tiny (60 pages) book did just that.  Pritchett discusses how we often look to create slow incremental changes in our lives through sheer will power and trying harder.  Although this is a good way of behaving it can cause burnout and ultimately short change what you are capable of creating in your life.  In contrast, he suggests to look towards more unconventional thinking and promotes exponential growth strategies.  If you need a quick mindset shift, grab a copy of this little gem!

Quote I am pondering: “Quantum leaps require paradoxical behavior.  Unusual moves.  Actions that on the surface often seem to contradict common sense.” ~ Price Pritchett in You2
To change your life on a massive scale you must do things differently.  You must change your thinking.  You are required to step into the unknown.  All of these new ways of doing things can be scary.  However, if you think about any of the major changes in our society, each of them were initially met with concern and even anger.  Be bold, stay focused and trust your gut.  Exponential growth can be right around the corner if you are willing to stay the course!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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