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Trend I am noticing: The Mom Spiral Cycle
Throughout my 13 years in clinical practice I have noticed that certain things will show up repeatedly in the patient population at Aligned Life.  One, that came up on multiple occasions this past week, is what I call the “Mom Spiral”.  Here’s how it goes; you take a healthy mother, you expose her to the responsibility of children, a career, a needy husband, the demands of the modern world and her desire to be the glue that holds all of this together.  At first, this mother is thriving, albeit with considerable effort.  However, after a period of time she begins to falter.  At first, these incidents seem small.  A little neck and shoulder ache.  A mild strain of her lower back. A headache that keeps showing up by the end of the week.  And so it goes.  The mother recognizes in this moment she really could use some body work and self care but she is “just too busy” and doesn’t feel “justified to put money towards herself when there are so many other valid demands for her families resources.”  Until one day, when the stress level peaks and everyone is counting on her to make it all happen, her body gives up.  She becomes highly symptomatic and all the balls she was juggling for so long finally drop.  Not only does she feel the pain of her physical body, but also the weight of letting down her family, her employer and herself.  Despite her best intentions, her inability to see how important she was in keeping the entire system functioning put her entire world in jeopardy.   By not advocating for her own health to do the small steps necessary to prioritize her wellness, she inadvertently caused everyone in her immediate circle undue stress.  If you can relate to this cycle and are not doing something about it (i.e. getting adjusted, massages, yoga, walking, etc.) then you and the people around you are heading in a similar direction.  Please learn from the struggles that others have faced, take responsibility for your health, get a game plan and execute because you, your family, your career and your impact on the world are worth it!

Project I am completing: Grape Vine Arch Trellis
This weekend I took a trip to the Tractor Supply Store in Ramona, CA.  I picked up a 16 ft x 34 inch “hog fence”.  For city folk, like me, this is a metal fence that is flexible but very sturdy.  I also grabbed four T-posts.  T-posts are very strong, green and white metal rods that are six feet in length and about one in wide. The objective was to create an archway (see linked picture above) with the hog fence that would hold up a grape vine that has been struggling to grow on the side of our home.  By attaching the bent fence in the shape of an upside down “U” to the four T-posts (hammered into the ground) using zip ties, I was able to create a really beautiful shape that is very sturdy.  I chose to use the hog fence and T-posts in order to save on the cost of the project.  The previous week I had shopped a “done for you” option at over $200.  By going with the DIY version I was all in at $43!  Here’s to green grapes and pretty side yards in the coming years!

Quote I am reading: “There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.” ~ Elder Ballard
To all of the mother’s reading this, including mothers of children, animals, plants, etc. please know that you are appreciated, respected and seen.  Thank you for your love, kindness and attention.  The world is full of hope because of you.  Have an amazing week and the Aligned Life team looks forward to seeing you in the clinic!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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