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Interview I am recommending: Fox Channel 5 News Interview On How To Create An Ergonomic Home Workspace
Guys, I was on TV this past week!  If you have not seen my interview from last Tuesday morning on Fox Channel 5 News, check out the above link.  I spoke about the rise in poor posture due to most adults working from home and children doing online school at the dinner table, kitchen counter or bed.  The lack of an ergonomic workspace has caused an increase in chronic poor posture leading to spinal cord stress and symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, upper back pain and overall stiffness.  I hope I did the Aligned Life Family proud in sending our message out to the masses!  

Exercise equipment I am using: Road Bike Jersey and Bib
Well, I have really lost it now…This week I purchased a full road bike top and shorts (with the padding in the butt!).  After the last month riding my bike 10 to 22 miles a piece, I decided my ass had enough (haha).  I never thought in a million years I would be the guy walking around in tights, but hey, I’m 40 years old now! I was pleasantly surprised to find on eBay some really cool looking jerseys and shorts ranging between $25 and $35 dollars for both.  Hopefully I can ride as good as I am going to look!  For more info take a look at the link above.

Quote I am fired up on: “I am not even joking, I feel a complete shift in my energy right now!” ~Fox Channel 5 News Anchor Shally Zomorodi
This is exactly what the news anchor said after switching her workspace from using a laptop placed directly on her desk, to propped up on a box based upon my ergonomic assessment.  As all the “Aligned Lifers” know, the first step to a healthier spine and posture is eliminating the environments that cause our poor positions in the first place.   By getting educated, bringing awareness to our body position habits and getting adjusted we can radically improve our energy levels on a daily basis!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC


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