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Talk I am giving: “4 Steps To Working From Home Without Pain”
After months of hearing from you in the office that you guys are having more pain than ever before due to working from home I am offering a workshop specifically on this topic.  This class is offered for free to any group you believe would benefit from hearing the content.  I will focus on home workspace ergonomics, exercises for avoiding chronic pain due to poor posture, tips on technology for making a successful workstation and how to create a culture of great health in a business environment.  If this sounds like something your company needs to hear, please reach out to me at  Thanks so much for your referrals and for helping to spread a message of health and wellness to the community!

Video I am recommending: “Working From Home At Your Kitchen Table
If you are working from home or your kids are going to school virtually and the majority of your day is spent at the kitchen table, this is a MUST WATCH video.  Click on the link above for 4 powerful exercises to help you avoid forward head posture, radiating arm pain, upper back stiffness and headaches.

Quote I am pondering: “Posture is the window to the spine and nervous system”
If you are ever curious as to the health of a person’s spine and spinal cord, all you need to do is look at a person with a few things in mind to get a good idea. When looking at the body from the front we should see symmetry in the following areas: the heights of both ears, shoulders, hips, knees and feet.  Looking at the body from the side, we should be able to draw a straight line from the hole in the ear, to the middle of shoulder, middle of the hip, middle of the knee, and ankle bone.  Remember, where the spine goes, so does the spinal cord.  If the posture is poor, the spinal cord is under stress.  If the spinal cord is under stress, the signals moving between the brain and body are jumbled.  Jumbled signals lead to lowered levels of health and sometimes pain.

Have a kick ass week everyone!
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