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Food I am eating: Barney Almond Butter
Are you like me?  Do you find yourself putting almond butter on everything?  Bananas, celery, apples, smoothies, and so much more are all great options for adding almond butter.  I recently came across this brand and have made a complete switch from my previous choice called Justin’s.  Barney Butter is the smoothest almond butter I have ever had.  Pick up a bottle of this stuff, you will not regret it!

Creamer I am devouring: Laird’s Superfood Creamer
If you are looking to add some good nutrition into your daily routine and you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, using this creamer is a great way to do it.  Not only is it a non-dairy creamer, but it also has a few amazing superfoods such as functional mushrooms and aquamin.  The best part is that it tastes amazing!  I had previously written about this product when it came in a powder form, however now that they are offering a liquid version, this product has been taken to the next level.

Quote I am repeating: “Your next level of success will be achieved through creating internal peace and loving yourself, NOT through hard work.” ~ Dr. Fred DiDomenico
I believe that it is easy to get caught up in trying to do more.  More work, more time, more efficiency, more effort.  However, I have found lately that honoring myself and attempting to be completely present in every moment has been significantly more effective in creating the results I want.  I believe that if you implement the same strategy, it will be effective for you as well!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC


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