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Nutrition strategy I am using: Plate Presentation
After being inspired from pictures from social media I picked up four large white dinner sized bowls for plating our food on.  The bowls are large enough to serve each individual ingredient in it’s own corner.  By creating separation, but also a cohesive look, my wife and I have been able to turn out some incredibly delicious looking dishes.  I especially like the way these bowl presentations highlight the color of the food and make it look elevated even when we aren’t serving anything different than our previous dinners.  The bowls we chose were these, from the store World Market.  For a picture of one of the inspirations for this idea, check out the link above and scroll down the page slightly!

Book I am hearing:
 Sapians: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
With the world changing so quickly and our problems becoming more global in their nature, I thought it would be a good idea to look in the past to see if there were any themes to learn from.  Although this book has it’s dry sections, I have learned a ton!  Many of the beliefs we have about where we come from and the lives we lived previously are false.  Harari covers our origins, war, social structures, religion, flora and fauna and many more.  This is a 15 hour audio, so be ready to hunker down for the long haul, but remember to take some notes because there are some true gems in this book!

Quote I am pondering:
“How did Homo sapiens manage to cross this critical threshold, eventually founding cities comprising tens of thousands of inhabitants and empires ruling hundreds of millions? The secret was probably fiction.  Large numbers of strangers can cooperate successfully by believing in common myths.  Any large-scale human cooperation – whether a modern state, a medieval church, an ancient city or an archaic tribe – is rooted in common myths that exist only in people’s collective imagination.”
~ Yuval Noah Harari in Sapiens
Upon hearing the above quote from Harari I was shocked at the long list of things that we as humans have decided to believe collectively in order to create order and hierarchies.  An example that I find very interesting, is our belief in money.  Especially with the rise in money created and then distributed by the government I find the following quote by Harari fascinating, “The sum total of money in the world is about 60$ trillion, yet the sum total of coins and banknotes is less than 6$ trillion.  More than 90% of all money – more than 50$ trillion appearing in our accounts – exists only on computer servers.

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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