Trending Tuesday 2/1/21

App I am using: Strava I might be the last person in the endurance world to sign up for this app, but I finally decided it was time to start tracking my training efforts.  With metrics for all the other important areas of my life in place, exercise seems to be the next appropriate category to […]

Trending Tuesday 3/17/20

Book I am reading:  The Story: The Bible as One Continuous Story of God and His People Have you ever felt ashamed that you haven’t read the bible because you can’t figure out what the heck they are talking about?  I have.  I was recently recommended this version of the bible and am loving it!  By […]

Trending Tuesday 3/03/20

Race I am running in: Spring Sprint Triathlon In honor of my 40th birthday (on March 10th) and the one year anniversary of my back surgery (May 16th), I have signed up to do a sprint triathlon on May 2nd, 2020.  For about 6 months I have been feeling the need to do something that will signify […]

Trending Tuesday 2/25/20

Book I am listening to:  Lead…For God’s Sake by Todd Gongwer I am constantly fascinated with the topic of leadership and how to become a better leader.  This story of a janitor, a CEO and a basketball coach is a fun and inspirational tale that has many parallels to my own life.  If you enjoy listening to a […]

Trending Tuesday 2/18/20

Podcast episode I am listening to: You Are More Powerful with guest Neal Donald Walsh Neal Donald Walsh is the author of Conversations With God, an amazing book I recommend if you are looking for a spiritual reminder of who you really are.  He recently recorded an episode with some absolutely mind altering thoughts in it that really impacted me.  If […]

Trending Tuesday 2/11/20

Video I am watching: Tony Robbins: Change your life in 2020 There is an amazing concept in this audio on YouTube that is so simple but also so profound.  Tony asks you to think of an area of your life you would like to improve in.  He then asks you to list exactly where you are […]

Trending Tuesday 2/4/20

App I am using: AllTrails If you have been following along in these Trending Tuesdays, you know that I have been doing a ton of hiking on the weekends.  The free app that I have been to help me find the trailheads, ensure that I am not getting in over my head and keeping me on the right […]

Trending Tuesday 1/28/20

Trail I am hiking with my Dad and boys:  Cowles Mountain If you are looking for a short (1 1/2-2 hours), but beautiful hike in central San Diego, I highly recommend Cowles Mountain.  With beautiful views of Downtown, the Pacific Ocean and East county, this 3 mile out and back trail is perfect for getting out […]

Trending Tuesday 1/21/20

Book I am listening to: “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll If you are looking for inspiration to do more exercise or to become more in life, look no further.  Roll’s book is a fantastic story of his own life through being a nerd, going to Stanford, becoming an alcoholic, launching a business as an attorney and finally finding insane […]