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Event I am promoting: Holiday Season Bingo
Year after year I have noticed that my patients health often takes a back seat during the holidays.  In an attempt to keep our patients immune system and energy up through the end of the year, Aligned Life Wellness is offering a fun bingo game!  Each square on the bingo board will ask you to take an action that will support your health over the next month.  There will be three winners of the game who will be given either a 30 minute massage, a 60 minute massage, or the grand prize of a 90 minute massage.  To play, pick up a bingo card in the office or we can send you one via email.  This game will be done on the honor system.  To cover a space, take the action that is written on the card.  To be entered in the drawing for the 30 minute massage create a horizontal or vertical line across the card.  To be entered in the 60 minute massage make a diagonal line.  And to be entered in the grand prize drawing, cover the entire board.  The drawing will take place in the first week of January, 2022.  Let’s stay healthy and use December as a springboard into your healthiest year yet!

Second event I am promoting: 2022 Goal Setting Workshop
Over the last fifteen years I have progressively spent more time preparing for the start of each year.  This preparation has provided clarity and excitement for the year ahead.  On Thursday, January 13th at 6 pm I will be leading a 2022 Goal Setting Workshop at Aligned Life Wellness.  This event will walk you through how to set goals in each of the key domains of your life.  It will also encourage you to set aside deliberate time to determine exactly what you want to happen for your life and health.  I have long said that it is not determining how to get to a goal that is the hard part, it is what you want your goals to be that is the most challenging.  This event will massively influence how your year will transpire.  Your life is too important to miss out on a chance to be the creator of your destiny!  This event costs $5 per person and we are donating %100 of the proceeds to our Q1 charity of choice.  To let us know you would like to attend, please sign up at the front desk or shoot us an email at  I can’t wait to see what amazing things you are going to accomplish!

Quote I am repeating: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”  ~ Tony Robbins
I am fascinated by the process of taking an idea and turning it into reality.  I absolutely love being able to think of the life I desire and then manifesting it through deliberate action.  I believe that if we are willing to take responsibility for all aspects of our lives we are rewarded with the opportunity to make the life of our dreams.  This process is becoming a lost art due to excessive device and television usage.  If you are finding that you “don’t have enough time to set goals” then I strongly encourage you to begin tracking the amount of time you are spending in front of a screen.  This may be an area that you can minimize and accordingly find the chance to quiet your mind and get clear about what you want.  This week, I encourage you to turn off the notifications on your phone, unplug your tv and start getting serious about doing something amazing in 2022!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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