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Lower back exercise I am recommending: Exercise Ball Back Extension
Have you been struggling with periodic episodes of lower back pain that force you to take time off your regular exercise routine?  If so, please continue reading!  Lately, I have been doing many more garage weight lifting sessions as a part of my training.  One component that I have been finding very helpful has been core strengthening for my lower back.  An often missed aspect of this type of fitness are the lower back extensor muscles.  These are the muscles that run along the sides of the spine in the lower back and serve to create stability when going from sit to stand and lifting heavy objects.  To make yourself more injury resistant I recommend placing an exercise ball under your stomach, wedge your feet up against a wall, place your hands behind your head and slowly bring your chest up.  Hold this contraction for 3 seconds and then descend slowly.  For great results, do 3 sets of 10 repetitions twice a week.  Keep in mind, as with any exercise you have not done before, you may experience soreness in your lower back.  For greater clarity on this movement, check out the video linked above!

Event I am encouraging: Toys For Tots Program
For the last 7 years our office has been a drop off location for the Toys For Tots program.  If you are unfamiliar with this charity, this program provides gifts for the holiday season to military families in need.  We will be accepting NEW and UNWRAPPED gifts at the office until December 17th.  If you are unable to make it into the Aligned Life facility, but still want to contribute, I recommend using Amazon to ship a gift directly to the office at the following address; 11770 Bernardo Plaza Ct. Suite 351 San Diego, CA 92128.  As always, I am grateful for your donations and am proud of our Aligned Life family for being a part of creating a more loving community!

Quote I am loving: “Love the giver more than the gift” ~ Brigham Young
This holiday season I would like to invite you to remember that the relationships with our loved ones, friends, neighbors and even strangers are the most important aspect of the next few weeks.  This goes against the traditional focus on material goods and the collection of things.  I believe that the “magic” of this time of year is due to the giving and receiving of love from other humans.  If you find yourself frustrated that you can’t get what you want or give what someone has on their wish list, just remember that your attention, focus and gratitude are the most valuable currency of all!  Happy Holidays!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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