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Podcast I am hearing: Rich Roll Podcast with Adam Grant
Grant, an organizational psychologist, just launched his new book Think Again in which he discusses how to recognize when we need to relearn and further develop our ideas. Especially in a time period in which seeing both sides of an argument is critical I believe his message is extremely important. In this episode he talks about how many people share their ideas using three different mindsets; the “preacher”, the “politician” and the “prosecutor”.  When we act like the “preacher” we are so convicted on the topic we are discussing that we lose the ability to be flexible in our arguments.  When attempting to influence others as the “politician” we change our story based upon what we believe the person in front of us would like us to hear.  Lastly, as the “prosecutor” we are more concerned about making our argument right and the other person’s wrong.  Ultimately, each of these personas are faulty and lead to a lack of fully understanding a topic.  For more detail of this concept and a bunch more nuggets give this one a listen!

Exercise accessory I am using: Mr. Zog’s Original Surf Wax
As I mentioned to you guys a couple of weeks ago my eldest son has gotten into surfing.  As someone who has never gotten involved in this sport I am eager to learn how to do it myself.  This week, we added a couple of layers of surf wax onto our foam surfboard in order to improve the grip of our feet to the board.  Wow!  Huge difference!  In order to find out how to apply the wax correctly I watch this YouTube video.  Make sure to purchase wax that will match the temperature of the water you intend on surfing in.  As a side note, I absolutely love the smell of the wax.  It takes me right to the beach every time I breath it in!

Quote I am repeating: “I see myself as a lighthouse.  If I live my life well, equip myself as an athlete, ensure that I am excelling intellectually, mentally and emotionally I act more like a magnet. A tractor beam that will bring the receptive audience to me.”
~Rich Roll on the Adam Grant Episode mentioned previously.  
Before this quote in the episode, Roll explains that he does not see himself as the “preacher”, the “politician” or the “prosecutor”.  He mentions how each of these roles seem to create objections in other people’s minds and feel inauthentic.  Instead, he desires to tell and show others how he lives without judgement of their lifestyle or choices.  If they are attracted to his message, then he is happy to engage with them.  If they are not, he is accepting of their lack of attention.  All in all, I absolutely love this metaphor and have attempted to live my own life in this way.  As someone who has tried preaching, prosecuting and being political with my message I can attest to his regret in using these strategies.  With this email and with all of my other ways of communicating with you I will always strive to use a more “lighthouse” approach!

Have a kick ass week everyone!
In Health,
Dr. Devin Shea, DC

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