Turning Inward

What does turning inward really mean? Turning inward is a skill we must learn to tap into our truest selves, to better understand our own wants and desires. Listening to our inner being’s allows us to understand the essence of who we really are. Our inner being knows no limits, and assists us in knowing […]

Trending Tuesday 8/25/20

Documentary I am watching: 100 Meters With my current aspirations of doing a triathlon, when one becomes available, I have been drawn to consuming more content around the subject.  This documentary, that uses subtitles, on Netflix is fantastic!  Funny, heartwarming and inspiring, 100 Meters tells the story of a middle aged father who is diagnosed with […]

Trending Tuesday 8/18/20

Book I am listening to: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Have you ever reached a point in your life where you experienced more success in your relationships, financial status, physical health or spirituality than you ever have before.  Shortly after that moment you freak out and do something to bring you back to your old level?  […]

Trending Tuesday 8/11/20

Family fun idea I am spreading: Ice Blocking Are you bored of doing the same stuff over and over again since COVID?  Got $4? Then you can have the time of your life doing ice blocking!  Go to your local grocery store (I suggest calling ahead to confirm they have blocks in stock) in the […]

Trending Tuesday 8/4/20

Exercise equipment I am trying: Peloton This weekend I had my first Peloton experience at my brothers house.  What a fun way to exercise!  If you have never heard of this revolutionary type of stationary bicycle it combines remote coaching as if you are in a spin studio with custom music on a large touch screen.  Tons of […]

Seeking Guidance and Mentorship

Whether you’re passionate about health, a certain hobby, your profession, or learning new skills – the process of being equipped with insight to problems you first encounter is a vital tool to have as we traverse through life. Here at Aligned Life Chiropractic & Wellness, we challenge our community to be the best and healthiest […]

Trending Tuesday 7/27/20

Tracking tool I am using: Garmin 910XT Triathlon Watch This week a fellow Aligned Life’er generously gifted me with a way to track my progress towards my exercise goals in the form of a triathlon watch (Thanks Kevin!).  By tracking a number of statistics I am hoping to gain insight as to how to improve […]

Trending Tuesday 7/21/20

Talk I am giving: “4 Steps To Working From Home Without Pain” After months of hearing from you in the office that you guys are having more pain than ever before due to working from home I am offering a workshop specifically on this topic.  This class is offered for free to any group you believe would […]

Trending Tuesday 7/14/20

Documentary I am watching: “A Better Way” Have you ever felt in your gut that taking drugs to silence your body’s signals (symptoms) is not really getting you healthy?  Have you ever been recommended to take a second or third drug to help you with the side effects of the first drug you were taking?  If […]

Trending Tuesday 7/7/20

Food I am eating: Barney Almond Butter Are you like me?  Do you find yourself putting almond butter on everything?  Bananas, celery, apples, smoothies, and so much more are all great options for adding almond butter.  I recently came across this brand and have made a complete switch from my previous choice called Justin’s.  Barney Butter is […]